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Maarten Lens-FitzGerald: Innovation executive with a focus on Voice

Voice sessions, consulting and interim services

As Europe's leading expert Maarten guides ambitious organizations into the new world of Voice as opened up by Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and Google Assistant. Voice's adoption rate is faster than any other channel. It transforms how we do business. Over 100 million smart speakers are sold and usage is growing faster than mobile.

What will you say when your customer talks with you?

How Maarten Helps

Voice Channel Introduction
Maarten’s most popular service over the last year, were his Introduction Sessions. This includes keynotes onstage or exploration sessions with the Board, innovation or product teams. Extendable to dialog design experience sessions. Inspirational, practical and hands-on is how people describe the work.

Voice Strategy & Concept Development
Whether you are gearing voice up as a marketing channel or to optimize customer service, it is important to determine how to add the channel in the most fitting and effective way. Such as a private by design or on a platform like Google or Amazon. Maarten helps you define your paths to Magic Moments in Voice.

Voice & Program Management
From MVP to live product, This path needs the care and sometimes the push of years of management experience. Working with internal and external partners, balancing stakeholder needs with deadlines. For either one business line or multiple concepts.

Maarten works with strong partners like Google, Amazon, Samsung (platforms), Nuance (independent voice apps), Xebia (development), Xmos (chips sets) and Auraya (voice biometrics).

Interim Services
For longer periods of time Maarten can be the Wolfman of your organization. He is available as an innovation executive to lead teams through transformation, be it in a strategic organizational move or an impactful short term one. Maarten bridges the horizon gap of people and products with his added layer of fitting PR and strategic partners. Hire him when you are ready to leapfrog into a new position with your product and business.

Event Hosting
Maarten is often asked to host events. From start-up competitions to multiday executive e-commerce events to (of course) voice events. He adds depth, humor and takes the audience on a journey that moves them.

Team Sessions
With his extensive people management experience and his company, Teamily, Maarten facilitates team sessions to help teams raise the bar using the TEAMDRIVER method. -- Say: "Hey Siri, call: +31646333308"

Media and Events

Open Voice Newsletter
Every Monday morning the latest insights and news about the emerging Voice industry. Curated together with Sam Warnaars.
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Open Voice Event series
The NL Voice platform where over 130 industry and voice curious professionals gather every 2 months. To network and learn from leading speakers. Cognizant is founding sponsor.
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Voicecast Podcast with BNR
The Voicecast explores the evolving world of voice interfaces with guests who have live services. Created together with Sam Warnaars.
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Book (Dutch): De spraakrevolutie: inzichten en kansen

Never before has new technology been embraced so quickly. In the US one in four households now has a smart speaker. In the Netherlands, over half a million smart speakers were sold. But what is voice anyway? Why is it important? And what can you do with it in your organization?

Read all answers in Maarten Lens-FitzGerald’s’ book – Voice, de spraakrevolutie: inzichten en kansen.

Voice, the book

Bio: Maarten instigates movements that shape the future

He is a senior executive with a focus on Voice, a thought leader, a consultant, and a keynote speaker. He advises c-level and boards of leading organizations on how to use the opportunities of the new media and thrive in continuous change.

Maarten founded the event series Open Voice, bi-monthly and on average 130 attendees. He also publishes the weekly Open Voice newsletter with the current Voice news as well as the Voice Cast, a podcast show with Business News Radio. All in English and for the European market. His book 'Voice' will be released in late 2019.

To explore the opportunity of Voice & older adults he successfully initiated the Project Zilver Consortium with Google, Insurer Achmea, and ANBO, the largest Dutch older adult organization and the Dutch Government. It was just founded in Denmark with other countries going live shortly.

Previously Maarten founded and exited successfully the largest Augmented Reality platform Layar and the future of work platform Teamily.

Voice is Maarten’s 5th new medium, after AR, mobile, email, and web. Throughout his career, he has keynoted at many events from World Economic Forum, TED to Mobile World Congress.

Voice inspiration session with ecommerce managers

Customers and References

Maarten’s keynotes are inspiring, give a unique vision on the future of voice and AI and how to leverage this as a brand. This has pushed the Voice agenda at KLM and created understanding among a wide range of stakeholders.

Martine van der Lee
Director Social Media, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Seldom does one encounter a talent such as Maarten. Super enthusiastic and especially creative. Those are the first things that come to mind when I think of him. He is a proven early adopter of various technologies and able shares his knowledge about that.

Anne Brenninkmeijer
Head of Event Content, EMERCE

Maarten is binnen no-time de absolute expert geworden op het gebied van voice. Hij pakt technologische ontwikkelingen altijd super snel op en maakt ze relevant voor de dagelijkse uitdagingen van bijna elk bedrijf”.

Jeroen de Bakker
CMO, Talpa Network

Maarten is a visionary who gets companies moving who are stuck. His talent to effortlessly switch between new innovations, from AI to chatbots, to Voice and customer vale, makes him unique. He does this while remaining grounded, not overestimating the long term or underestimating the short term. Maarten is the person to work with and not miss the boat.*

Iwan Reuvekamp
Audio & Innovation manager, De PersGroep

With his knowledge and experience, Maarten has inspired the organisation to get going with Voice. This has proven to be very beneficial for more Voice implementations within the Dutch Government.

Jeroen Vonk
Innovation designer, Novum innovatielab, Sociale Verzekeringsbank

Maarten's enthusiasm is contagious and can get a team or an entire company excited and motivated. He is a visionary person that will ensure that your team doesn't get swamped by the everyday tasks and never forgets the long term mission.

At the same time, he keeps his down-to-earth attitude to technology and will always ask the "dummy" questions like "what's in it for me?" that make a product approachable and attractive for the average non-techie.

There's always something to laugh about with Maarten and he radiates that across the people he works with. He inspired me and gave a purpose to my job.

Dirk Groten
CEO Dedico, former CTO, Layar -- Say: "Hey Siri, call: +31646333308"

Voice inspiration session with ecommerce managers